Year Founded


Our Mission

To provide support and information for crime victims across our state and to advocate for their fair treatment.

Who belongs?

Membership is open to individuals and organizations. Our membership base consists of survivors of crime, nonprofits that work with crime victims, government agencies and other concerned citizens. Membership fees are $25 for individuals and $75 for organizations.

What does NCVAN do?

  • Links victims of crime with direct assistance available in their communities
  • Provides information on specific laws and legislation pertaining to victim's rights
  • Sponsors training seminars and public awareness events geared toward educating the citizens of North Carolina on crime prevention and intervention efforts, as well as promoting the need for meaningful change within the criminal justice system to benefit crime victims.
  • Develops useful and effective resource tools for victims, service providers, and allied professionals statewide.
  • Serving our members as a statewide network, we provide information on over 1,500 victims service and criminal justice agencies, victim assistance programs, and advocacy groups.
Who is on the Board?

The 18 members of the Board of Directors are leaders in business and state government, surviving crime victims and members of law enforcement.

How is NCVAN funded?
NCVAN is funded through state government appropriations, grants, member fees and donations.