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Hispanic Outreach Program

In 2008, NCVAN received funding from the NC Governor's Crime Commission to reach Spanish-speaking crime victims in North Carolina. The need is great: The number of N.C. Hispanics has increased annually since the year 2000, and the group is the state's second largest minority. Nationally, Hispanics are the largest minority group. However, many Hispanic/Latino crime victims do not report crimes to authorities for a variety of reasons including fear or distrust of authorities, and unfamiliarity with the criminal justice process. This lack of reporting can make many in this population more vulnerable to crime and create underground communities.

NCVAN's Hispanic Outreach Program:

  • Provides criminal justice support and advocacy to Spanish-speaking crime victims
  • Connects Spanish-speaking crime victims with direct assistance available in their area of the state
  • Works to educate the Hispanic/Latino community about rights of all crime victims, the impact of crime, crime prevention and safety
  • Collaborates with organizations within the Hispanic/Latino community, the victim services field and in the criminal justice system to ensure that Spanish-speaking crime victims receive necessary services

With this program, NCVAN hopes to address many of the issues facing crime victims within this population and educate the community.

NCVAN's Hispanic Outreach Program proudly participates in the following groups:

  • Network of Spanish-Speaking Community Support Professionals (Network of Spanish-Speaking Therapists & Counselors)
  • Working to Empower Spanish-Speakers in the Triangle (WEST)
  • Latino Outreach Committee (Down East Partnership for Children, Rocky Mount)

Click here for resources for crime victims with limited English proficiency (LEP) or immigrant victims.

For more information about our Hispanic Outreach Program, contact Jessie Sterner. Para información en español, haga clic aquí.