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Victim Assistance In Law Enforcement (VALE)

Law enforcement agencies have more contact with victims and their families who report crime than any other segment of the criminal justice system. It is estimated that prosecutors' offices will accept for prosecution and trial ten percent or less of all serious reported crime. Judges will be involved at trial settings with about two or three percent of reported serious crime.

The victim and/or witness is the principle client of the system; without their cooperation, there is no justice and no justice system.

Victim Assistance Programs based within law enforcement agencies can play a significant role in improving the treatment of victims within the criminal justice system, which in turn will improve the victims' willingness to collaborate and cooperate with the system.

VALE Objectives:
  • To seek recognition for law enforcement-based victim assistance programs within the criminal justice system
  • To establish suggested guidelines and protocol for law enforcement-based victim advocates operating within the courtroom
  • To serve as a resource for new law enforcement-based victim assistance programs
  • To encourage all law enforcement agencies to develop victim assistance programs
  • To serve as a source of support and networking for all law enforcement-based victim advocates

If you or your agency would like to be a part of VALE , please contact Frances Battle for more information.

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