Allied Professionals

We work with service providers to implement best practices for supporting loved ones after a homicide and other violent crimes.

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Certification Academy

Our Victim Service Practitioner Certification Academy certifies 100-120 professionals at the state level each year. The service providers we train include community-based advocates, system-based advocates, law enforcement, prosecutors, clergy, therapists, and many others.

NCVAN Webinars

Webinars & Advanced Training

Our webinars and advanced training provide practitioners a means to remain engaged and challenged in the work and renew their understanding of emerging practices as we enhance our support of crime victims.

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Peer Support for Advocates

Occasionally NCVAN offers unique trainings that incorporate peer support related to preventing vicarious trauma and fostering resilience. Some events are provided as an online series, and some are multi-day, immersive learning experiences in restorative and replenishing retreat-like settings.

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Victim Advocates in Law Enforcement (VALEs) Network

VALEs is a unique statewide network of professionals that help improve service consistency, job understanding, and expertise that victim advocates can provide to a law enforcement response.

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Technical Assistance for Victim Advocates in Law Enforcement

Technical Assistance is provided to law enforcement victim advocates and their departments in outlining the role, responsibilities, and supervision of the victim advocate within the agency to better assist in creating a supportive, respectful, and collaborative work environment.


Technical Assistance for Advocates

More information coming soon.


Law Enforcement App

Developed for North Carolina law enforcement & first responders, the App offers information specific to lethal and chronic victimization. Learn best practices to skillfully respond to violent crimes. Download today.

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