Surviving Loved Ones

We are a statewide nonprofit that provides information, support, and advocacy to surviving loved ones of homicide and victims of other violent crimes.

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Support Groups

We provide comprehensive trauma-informed services to loved ones of homicide victims and victims of violent crime. These services include one-on-one grief counseling, homicide support groups facilitated by mental health professionals, and community based grief workshops.

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Grief Therapy

We provide grief counseling to loved ones of homicide victims by partnering with trauma-informed, licensed counselors throughout North Carolina.


Memorial Garden

The NCVAN Crime Victims' Memorial Garden is a special place where loved ones of homicide victims can remember the ones taken by violent crime. The names of homicide victims are inscribed on the bricks that line the walkway of the garden, reflecting the memories of those who are forever etched on our hearts.


Court Support

Murder doesn’t just affect an individual; it also affects a family and a community, creating an array of emotional and practical needs – that are often left unmet.

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Travel Reimbursement (through DA offices only)

In collaboration with the district attorneys’ offices across the state, NCVAN notifies the surviving loved ones of homicide victims of VOCA grant funds' availability to assist them with the financial burden of attending criminal justice proceedings related to their cases.

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Find Your Court Day

Search for upcoming criminal and infraction cases by county, court type and defendant name. If you have questions about the search results, please contact the County Clerk's office.

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Who is Your District Attorney?

This directory will help you find and contact your district attorney’s office. District attorney’s offices are the agencies charged with prosecuting criminal charges (most violent crime charges) on behalf of the State of North Carolina.

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Crime Victim Rights/Marsy’s Law

Marsy’s Law seeks to give crime victims meaningful and enforceable constitutional rights equal to the rights of the accused.

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Funerals & Estates

When you are in the midst of grief and loss, it can be overwhelming to consider the end-of-life planning that needs to take place. We want to support you with resources that will help you navigate through these very difficult times.

Surviving Violent Crime & Victims Rights Handbooks:

Download the combined handbooks:
Surviving Violent Crime and Victim Rights.

Crime Victims App

Whether you are an advocate, loved one, or victim, our app offers insights into healing after violence.​ Included on the App are national & state resources, news, events, and a video library. Download today.

Crime Victim Compensation

This service is facilitated by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. They provide reimbursement for citizens who experience medical expenses and lost wages as a result of being an innocent victim of a crime committed in the state. Victims of rape, assault, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and drunk driving, as well as the families of homicide victims, are eligible to apply for financial help.

“I have been going to NCVAN support groups every month for almost five years. They offer support to victims, such as counseling, helping you navigate the court system, helping you stay up to date with your cases, and connecting you with the right people. NCVAN has helped me by offering support when I didn’t know I could get it anywhere else. They put me in contact with other people who had suffered the same loss. I don’t wish to think about how my life would look without them.”

Stephanie D.
Daughter of a homicide victim, Wake County

"NCVAN provides the best assistance possible for those dealing with life-altering events. The kindness and generosity exhibited by this organization are first-class in every way. Their goal is to help you focus on only your healing process. Having assistance at this trying time has been an absolute blessing in more ways than one. My hat goes off to every single person associated with NCVAN!! Truly a team of angels.”

Robert W.
Father of 11-year-old murder victim, Mecklenburg County

"NCVAN has been my path to processing and accepting the horrific crime that tore my world apart. Through the homicide support group, I found others who shared feelings like mine. 30+ years after my stepmom’s murder, I have incorporated the tragedy into my life history and can now handle thinking about and speaking about it. It is a relief to remember her and smile rather than try to push away all memories. NCVAN advocates and co-victim members are part of my special support family forever."

Laurie N.
Step-daughter of a homicide victim, New Hanover County

“I'm so grateful for NCVAN. I was connected to this wonderful program through the District Attorney after my son was taken away from me on May 25, 2019. NCVAN is really like an extended family to me. I honestly don't know where my mental state would be without having them walk me through these times. I also met so many great people from therapy groups when I attend. I take a break because it gets overwhelming, but they still accept me with love, gentleness, and care. I love NCVAN.”

Lakeesha C.
Mother of a homicide victim, Wake County

“I did not know about victims’ rights until I got involved with NCVAN. When I got involved, I learned that there were organizations that gave $5,000 toward funerals for someone that has experienced homicide, and I had never heard of that until I got connected with NCVAN.“

Freida M.
Mother of a homicide victim, Wake County

“Because of NCVAN, I am able to be a part of the continuing process of grieving my son. I have met some incredibly gracious people in this process, including the detective, assistant district attorney, and victim assistant assigned to this case. The kindness, gentleness, and respect shown to me and my family by these folks are appreciated more than I can express. Allowing me to take part in all of this is made possible because of NCVAN.”

Brian Mason
Father of a homicide victim, Guilford County